Coming Soon: Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture! Stay tuned for details on our new facial acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture for facial lines, wrinkles and sagging can not only perk up your appearance, it can also have a positive effect on mood and help you feel calmer, too! Facial acupuncture is also effective in treating facial sagging and paralysis due to Bells palsy and stroke.

Give yourself a year of balance. Schedule a year’s worth of monthly balancing tune-up treatments for $50 per treatment (save $25 per treatment, or $300 total).

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in China to treat all health issues, and is particularly beneficial for people with pain, digestive and autoimmune disorders, anxiety and depression, and woman’s hormonal symptoms.

red seirin finger loveMost people are surprised to find that acupuncture doesn’t hurt, and is deeply relaxing. I use the smallest needles possible with gentle Japanese acupuncture techniques – you may occasionally feel a sensation when the needle is inserted, but I believe that acupuncture shouldn’t hurt, and if a needle ever bothers you, I can remove it or adjust it so you are completely comfortable during your treatment.

Acupuncture can be used alongside conventional medical treatment for any condition, and excels at treating chronic health issues that conventional medicine doesn’t offer much help with. Acupuncture can make a big difference for people with any chronic disease or autoimmune disorder and anybody who is considering antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication. Acupuncture is also highly effective for treating women’s health issues including infertility, PMS and menopausal symptoms. Click here to see the World Health Organization list of health issues that acupuncture can help.