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My goal here is to provide you with information that is easy to understand and use to create a healthier, happier life for yourself. If you have any specific questions, please email or call me – if I don’t have a quick answer for you, I’m always happy to have a useful subject to research and write about!

I love to talk to people about alternative medicine! If you are curious about how a holistic approach can address your health concerns and improve the quality of your life, call 417 353 8868 today to schedule a 15-minute no-cost phone consultation.



  1. Meghan McKinney

    I have been to Doctors off and on for the past 3 years, spent countless hours having tests done, waiting for Doctors and getting many diagnoses. After accumulating thousands of dollars in medical bills, I still had severe stomach pain. I was diagnosed with IBS and Gastroparesis but nothing the Doctors did or prescribed helped with the pain.

    Six weeks ago I went to Abba; willing to try anything to help with the debilitating pain. I was a non-believer in acupuncture and honestly didn’t think it would help but was desperate. During my first treatment, Abba explained what she was going to do and proceeded in applying the needles. The pain left my body that very night! Following the appointment, I had a full week without pain for the first time in over 3 years!

    Over the past six weeks I have seen Abba four times and have been without pain. I can enjoy my life once again!! I would recommend Abba and her acupuncture treatment to anyone needing relief from pain. She is a miracle worker!!


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