Acupuncture Reduces Arthritis Pain

Most people experience some pain relief during their first treatment. The effects of acupuncture are cumulative, so you can expect the degree and duration of your pain relief to increase with each treatment.

Acupuncture Treats Migraine Headaches

Acupuncture is a blessing for people with frequent migraines. "My daughter is 18 and has suffered since age 12 with almost daily migraines. Within ONE treatment, her headaches improved. For someone who has suffered daily with pain, this has been a huge blessing." Deb Vaughn, Bolivar, Missouri Research shows that acupuncture can be more effective than standard …

What’s Your Element?

Traditional Chinese medicine philosophy is partly organized around the Five Elements - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each of these elements are associated with a particular organ and energy meridian in the body, and can be applied to all things in nature, including the human body and psyche. We are all always ebbing and flowing among …

Acupuncture Speeds Healing for Bell’s Palsy Facial Paralysis

The good news is that symptoms usually resolve in a couple of months, and that acupuncture can significantly speed the recovery progress. I have personally seen people improve so dramatically in one treatment that we've both had a hard time believing the change in their face!