Abba Anderson Acupuncture

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Welcome! You can schedule online by clicking the “book now” button above, or call me at 417-353-8868. Please call if you have any questions about acupuncture.

COVID safety. I wear a mask during your treatment, and disinfect surfaces and change linens between clients. If you or anybody you’ve been in contact with have had cold, flu, or COVID symptoms recently, please let me know so we can reschedule your appointment.

Peaceful treatment room.

Nervous about needles? I’m happy to schedule a free 15-minute introductory visit. I’ll show you the needles (they are very tiny!),  and insert one in your arm so you can experience it before committing to a full treatment. The needles are inserted very gently and shallowly, and most people say something like, “That’s it? I didn’t feel a thing!”

Ancient healing technique for wellness today. Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years, in China and around the world, to treat both physical and emotional health issues. Research shows that acupuncture improves pain, women’s health issues, anxiety and depression, and digestive and autoimmune disorders.

It doesn’t hurt. Most people are surprised to find that acupuncture doesn’t hurt and that it is deeply relaxing. I use the tiniest needles possible with extra gentle Japanese techniques. You may occasionally feel a mild sensation when a needle is inserted, but I believe that acupuncture shouldn’t hurt. Please tell me if a needle ever bothers you so I can adjust or remove it.

1465 East University Street

Cost and time? The first visit is $125 and subsequent visits are $80. You can pay with cash, check, credit/debit card, and Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts. While insurance doesn’t cover acupuncture much in Missouri, Anthem is covering acupuncture for some policies. If you have Anthem health insurance, call the number on the back of your card to see if you are eligible to sign up for acupuncture coverage. You will pay me at the time of your treatment, and I will give you a receipt to submit for reimbursement from Anthem.

Directions:  I see clients in my home at 1465 University Street, near Mercy in central Springfield. Driving north on Fremont from the intersection of Fremont and Sunshine, take the first right onto University. Look for a tan house with a turquoise door in the middle of the block on your left. My white Kia Soul will be in the driveway, and you can park in the driveway behind it, or on the street. Please text me when you arrive, and I’ll wave you in when my previous client has left.

What should I know about my first visit? Eat a little something an hour or two before your appointment. It’s best to wear stretchy clothes that roll up easily because I usually want to do points around your knees and elbows. You’ll fill out a simple one-page intake form, and we’ll talk about your goals for treatment.

Then you’ll lie down on a comfortable massage table, and I’ll insert the needles, usually on your head, ears, arms, legs, and sometimes on your back and abdomen. You may need to remove your shirt or pants so that I can put needles and cups on your back. You probably won’t feel the needles at all, but please let me know if you experience any discomfort after I’ve inserted a needle, so I can adjust or remove it.

Most people notice feeling significantly more relaxed within minutes after I start inserting the needles. Once the needles are in, you will have a nice nap for 30 or so minutes.  Because acupuncture is so relaxing, it’s ideal to schedule your treatment so that you can take it easy afterwards, rather than rushing back to a busy day.
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