Call Abba at (417) 353-8868 to schedule an appointment or talk about how acupuncture can help you.
          Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat most physical and emotional health issues. Current research shows that acupuncture improves pain, anxiety, depression, digestion, autoimmune and women’s health issues.
          Acupuncture doesn’t hurt & it’s really relaxing. Most people are surprised to find that acupuncture doesn’t hurt and that it’s deeply relaxing. I use the tiniest needles possible with extra gentle Japanese techniques. You may occasionally feel a mild pinchy feeling when a needle is inserted, but I believe that acupuncture shouldn’t hurt. Please tell me if a needle bothers you so that I can adjust or remove it.
          Cost & payment. Your first treatment is $85 and subsequent visits are $65. You can pay with cash, check, credit card and Flexible Spending Account.
          What should I know about my first visit? Eat a little something an hour or two before your appointment. It’s best to wear shorts or stretchy pants that roll up easily, because I usually want to do points around your knees and elbows. You’ll fill out some simple paperwork, then we’ll talk about your goals for treatment. You’ll lie down on a comfortable massage table and I’ll insert the needles, usually on your head, ears, arms, legs, and sometimes on your back and/or belly. You may need to remove or pull up your shirt so that I can put needles and cups on your back. Once the needles are in, you will have a nice nap for about 30 minutes. It’s best if you can schedule your treatment so that you can relax afterwards, rather than rushing back to a busy day.
         Directions: My office is in Corporate Village, on Republic Road just west of Campbell. After you turn into Corporate Village, go to the 2nd building on your left, and the 1st office in that building. The sign beside the door reads Evolve Wellness Studio.