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Acupuncture makes things better that you didn’t even know weren’t good!  “Hello, Abba!!  Just wanted to say a Big Huge THANK YOU for all you have done for the 3 of us!  We are so thankful we found you – we have things better that we didn’t even know weren’t good!  Love + Hugs!”  Lori Freilinger, Lebanon, Missouri

Acupuncture improves knee pain and swelling.  “My knee swelling is at least 95% gone!  It looks almost normal!  Big THANK YOU!  I can’t even find any painful place!  My hubby says he sends hugs.  He is so happy to see me feeling better.”  Patricia Wiersema, Willow Springs, Missouri

Acupuncture eases anxiety and chronic pelvic pain.  “Abba has been great to work with! She has been helping me with my chronic pelvic pain and general anxiety and I go about 4 days at a time after a visit almost completely pain free! She is super informative and very easy to talk to, making the appointment fly by. I highly recommend acupuncture for anyone who is interested in trying it, but definitely recommend Abba for an incredibly positive experience. 💓”  Caylee Briggs, Cabool, Missouri

Acupuncture eases chronic pain and anxiety.  “Abba has been instrumental assisting me with my chronic illness. I am able to find relief from chronic pain and anxiety. She throughly listens to your concerns. She is active in helping her clients in any way she can. Overall, she’s a fantastic woman, glad to have found her!”  Charlotte Frederick, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture relieves chronic pain.  “I’m a dwarf with a lot of heath problems and a lot chronic pain all over my body. I have had surgeries on just about every part of my body and the doctors didn’t want to do anything about my neck pain, so it left me with no other choice but to try other things. I went to her not believing it and after it was done I still was hurting. But 2 hrs later, no pain in my neck or back, and 4 days after still pain free … if you’re thinking about trying it, I say at least try it one time before saying it won’t work, because for some it does and this is a game changer. Thanks a lot and I will be back!”  Andy Rodin, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture relieves anxiety.  “Abba was the second licensed acupuncturist I have seen in Springfield and my time with her was a much better experience. She treated my anxiety and made me feel comfortable. I have had anxiety and depression my entire life. Abba helped me get through the worst of it. Thank you, Abba! ☺️”   Kala Spencer, Humansville, Missouri

Acupuncture reduces spring allergy symptoms.  “I started seeing Abba for help with my allergies. This is the first spring I haven’t had a sinus infection or felt miserable after mowing the grass. My co-workers have noticed how my eyes aren’t red and drippy in the mornings. I’m enjoying being outside without worrying how I’ll feel the next day.”  Carolyn Murphy, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture provides relaxation and prevents injury.  “I’ve done acupuncture to treat an injury before but had never done it for the sole purpose of relaxation and injury prevention. I am so glad I saw Abba. I’ve never been more relaxed on someone’s table as I was with Abba. She’s informative, answers any questions, will talk you through the process, and is so delicate you don’t even know the needles are in. Can’t wait for my next session.”  Kevin Kline, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture relieves muscle pain and knots.  “Like most people, I don’t seek help until I’m a mess of knots and in pain.   Abba is my go to. I know relief is on the way after a few sessions. 2021 will be the year I make myself a priority with regular acupuncture treatments to be the best me I can be.  Thanks Abba!”  Jeri Smith, Ozark, Missouri

Try acupuncture for a new you!  “Not sure what kind of awesome you performed on me but I felt like a new person after I saw you. Thank you!”  Sarah Williams, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture supports pregnancy, provides relief for pregnancy symptoms, and is effective for inducing labor.  “Thank you for everything you did to support me on my journey to our beautiful baby daughter!  Your empathy, generosity and skill were a blessing to me.”  Sarah Fancher, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture provides physical and emotional relief.  “Abba is awesome! She is so in tune to my needs and what she needs to do to bring me relief, both physical and emotional. Amazed at my relief after just one visit! Highly recommend!” Denise Ericson, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture can address multiple issues in one treatment.  “Abba listens and treats all areas of concern depending on your symptoms. During a visit she can treat me for high blood pressure, plantar fasciitis, and stress all in one treatment. Today, my treatment helped with allergy symptoms, stress, and knee/leg pain.  She also researches for other wellness tips that may assist in your healing.  Abba goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and truly cares about your well being!”  Maria Monier, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture works for hot flashes, and it’s pain free!  “I saw Abba to help with hot flashes. It really worked and was pain free. She is so warm and caring – she made it a relaxing, safe and effective treatment.  She even zinged a few spots to aid weight loss!  She is wonderful at what she does!” Dana Sisk, Jasper, Missouri

“Time to relax! If you have ever wondered about alternative healing, Abba Anderson is one of the best!”  Maria Monier, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture reduces back pain from 9 out of 10 down to to 3.  “My husband has suffered from severe back pain since his early 20’s.  He left his first visit with glazed eyes looking very relaxed.  He said it was the first time he felt good in over 25 years.  His pain level went from a consistent 8-9 to a 3!!  Numerous times since the visit he’s commented on how amazing it is to be able to pick up something he’s dropped and not feel any pain.  He was a skeptic prior but is a firm believer now!” L.C. Mills, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture reduces pain and improves quality of life.  “Abba is amazing!  I was in terrible pain when I found Abba.  Acupucture has changed my quality of life in a profoundly fantastic way.  I wouldn’t be able to function in my daily life without Abba’s help.”  Angela Labrot, Republic, Missouri

Acupuncture relieves allergy symptoms.  “I saw Abba today for the first time for treatment of allergy symptoms.  She is amazing!  After just one treatment I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time!  No congestion or sinus drainage.  No cough.  Looking forward to a good night’s sleep which I haven’t had in weeks!  Thank you, Abba!”  Jenifer Leyda, Springfield, Missouri

Anxiety, stress, neck and shoulder pain.  “I recommend Abba for such a variety of issues. If I’m having neck and shoulder pain, Abba can help with that! If I’m having anxiety and stress, she knows exactly how to help with that as well! She is experienced in helping alleviate pain and emotional unrest in so many circumstances. If you are unsure about acupuncture, definitely give Abba a try! She makes it a very healing experience.” Bethany Bierman, Springfield, Missouri

Cupping can relax tight shoulder muscles and improve breathing issues.

Acupuncture relieves autoimmune sypmtoms.  “I absolutely love Abba! I have recently been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis and since starting acupuncture, I have been feeling so much better!! Highly recommend!” Carmen Savage, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture relieves pain.  “Abba is professional, extremely knowledgeable and has assisted me in dealing with pain issues while waiting for surgery. She has been such a blessing!” Polly Webber Diehl, Ava, Missouri

Acupuncture exceeds expectations.  “I have been very impressed with Abba! The benefits of acupuncture exceeded my expectations.” Laura Good, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture relieves symptoms when conventional treatment doesn’t help.  “I have seen Abba Anderson for several health problems that traditional medicine was unable to relieve or even reduce symptoms. I have been very pleased with service and results. Abba is very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend her.” Claudia Kramer, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture helps vestibular-related vertigo, dizziness, and nausea.  “I have been going to Abba for over two years for help with a vestibular problem. She is great to work with my problems and has been far more helpful than traditional medicine. I highly recommend her.” Shirley Hutchison, Springfield MO

Image of acupuncture needles in feet.
Acupuncture soothes all types of foot pain. It is particularly effective in treating plantar fasciitis.

Acupuncture relieves plantar fasciitis pain.  “I had plantar fasciitis that was so bad that for seven months I could barely walk or sleep, the pain was just excruciating.  I went to work trying to find the fix…modern medicine’s answer was cortisone shot (a temporary relief that would need to be repeated and will thin the skin, bone and fatty pad on the bottom of the heel), or surgery (side effect is the collapsing of the arch).  Basically everything that was suggested and covered by insurance was a “fix this but break something else” medicine and answers.  Anywhooo, a close friend of ours told me that he had been cured with acupuncture and recommended Abba.  My first thought was I’M TERRIFIED OF NEEDLES!!!  (I really am). Abba made sure that I was very comfortable, I barely felt any needles and within 6 treatments I am completely cured.  I’m so grateful to be able to play with my grandbabies again and no more pain!  And best of all NO SIDE EFFECTS and no more stress.  Thank you so very much Abba!”  Julie Lacobee, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture relieves plantar fasciitis foot pain.  “Just wow!…what an incredible experience this has been for me.  I started seeing Abba as a recommendation from my mom because of plantar fasciitis.  She has it and got treated and it only took 6 sessions.  Today was my third session.  When I first came into Abba’s office, I could barely walk my foot hurt so bad from the fasciitis.  I am no longer walking with a limp, and my pain level came down from 10 out of 10 to almost nothing.  I feel my foot healing itself.  On top of that, it has been a very calming and spiritual time during the treatment. I am a man after God’s heart and praying before and after for peace and calming and just balance of energy has been amazing.”  Kyle Black, Springfield, MissouriKnowledgable and compassionate care.  “Abba provides exceptional service in a welcoming and compassionate atmosphere. She is knowledgeable, fully licensed and will go the extra mile to support her treatment plans with additional professional inquiry.” Julian Lynn, Springfield, Missouri

Neuroma foot pain.  “Living with lightning pain in your feet from neuromas is some of the worst pain! Podiatrists couldn’t help, but Abba certainly did! It’s Thanksgiving Day and I have already been on my feet for 4 hours cooking for family and I have no pain! I couldn’t be more thankful for acupuncture!! Thank you, Abba!”  Michele Brown, Springfield, Missouri

Shoulder and back pain.  “I am now completely sold on acupuncture and cupping. I went in to see Abba with severe 8 of 10 pain in my back and shoulders. When I left the office, I was at a zero pain level. She was very professional and did an absolutely amazing job. Thank you so much, I will definitely be back!”  Jamie Dahmer, Springfield, Missouri

“Best acupuncture in Springfield. Abba is great to work with and excellent.” Tom Stine, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture can help alleviate anxiety and depression. “Abba is amazing! When I started going to her I was having severe anxiety and depression, now my anxiety very rarely exists, and my depression has improved. I feel so much better thanks to her! The needles don’t hurt and when I get off that bed my body feels more relaxed than it has ever in my entire life. Abba is so caring and has given me several other ideas to help me with my anxiety. She’s one of the nicest, neatest people I’ve met, and definitely knows what she is doing. Love her!” Vanessa Himmelberg, Springfield, Missouri

Anxiety and depression. “I was a wreck before seeing Abba. I had been suffering from crippling anxiety, depression, and addiction problems year after year with no luck in finding the proper medication or treatment that works for me. The negative side effects of medication far outweighed any benefit I ever got from them. I was to the point where I could barely even show up to work because I was too afraid to leave my house. My mother suggested I go to Abba. Acupuncture sounded too good to be true. I was hooked after my first visit! Abba’s treatments are always relaxing. She makes you feel welcomed and at ease. It’s reassuring to know that every time you go to see Abba, she will be understanding and kind. Her enthusiasm towards acupuncture makes the whole experience pleasant. She takes time to describe what the points on your body are for. I highly recommend Abba for anyone suffering from mental illness. Where other treatments have failed me, acupuncture has helped me. Abba also referred me to additional resources outside of her practice to further achieve my mental wellness goal. That’s the type of healer I choose to have in my life; one that actually cares.” Marcus Monier, Springfield, Missouri

Morton’s neuroma and hip bursitis pain. “Finding relief for Morton’s neuroma seemed impossible, but just one visit to you for treatment was a blessing. It is now 5 days and two treatments and I have absolutely NO PAIN! I had my first restful night sleep last night following treatment for bursitis in my hips. Tremendous relief for both of my problems. No medication and not putting new strips of Kinesio tape on my feet every day didn’t seem like a possibility. Thank you for the enjoyable experience and relief from my pain.” Michele Brown, Springfield, Missouri

Severe back pain. “Abba is wonderful, she completely healed my severe back pain – I had tried everything and had been in pain for about two months and after just three sessions, I felt no pain! She is so nice and friendly. Now I am hooked on acupuncture, it’s very relaxing and I look forward to my session each week. Thank you so much Abba!” Courtney Byrd, Springfield, Missouri

Try acupuncture for pain before surgery. “Spinal problems caused me increasing pain over the last three years. Multiple surgeries and pain management treatments only increased the pain and gave me pain in more places! This affected my movement and sleep – I couldn’t even lie down without pain. Desperate, I tried acupuncture with Abba. After just six treatments, my pain level went from 10 to 5. And, praise God, I was able to sleep! Pain no longer kept me awake, and I could lie down again. In addition to the acupuncture, Abba recommended a particular lotion and made many helpful suggestions. Now after 12 session, I no longer experience pain in my back, legs, feet and hips – it’s such a relief. And the horrible cramping I experienced is gone. Acupuncture succeeded in helping when other courses of treatment failed. I suggest trying it before surgery of other forms of pain management. Thank you, Abba!” Marlene Dornquast, Springfield, Missouri

Plantar fasciitis pain. “If you have plantar fasciitis, Abba is the cure. In six weeks I went from a pain level of 10 to virtually pain free. Acupuncture does not hurt, and it is not expensive.” Robin Van Gorp, Springfield, Missouri

Acute pain. “Thank you Abba for saving me yesterday. I arrived with pain at a level 8 and left with it at zero!” Jeri Smith, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture can improve energy. “Thanks to Abba Anderson for helping me get my energy back. I love the way I feel after getting acupuncture.” Twila Walker, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture reduces urticaria and angioedema symptoms. “Abba is wonderful!! She helped me when I was having daily urticaria and angioedema. I have been in remission for almost 3 years now! Thank you, Abba!” Jessica Layman, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture improves women’s health concerns“I’ve been a regular client of Abba’s for over two years, and I KNOW acupuncture has been a positive influence in my life. Abba has treated me for a variety of issues including ear problems and women’s health concerns, and I can happily report that I’ve seen significant improvement across the board. I feel better physically. My mind feels clearer. With respect to women’s health issues, my acupuncture treatments with Abba were a godsend – they played a HUGE role in turning a very dire situation around. If you are worried about acupuncture hurting, don’t be. The needles are quite THIN and Abba is so skilled that you most likely won’t even feel them being placed. I know I don’t. There’s also nothing like the relaxing feeling you have after a treatment. It feels so good! Abba is also a very compassionate person and a great listener. She’s easy to talk to and won’t make you feel self conscious. Something else I appreciate about Abba is that she doesn’t do high pressure sales tactics, and she won’t harass you into purchasing a bunch of herbs or ointments. If you’ve tried other acupuncture practitioners, you know this is not always the case.” McKenzie Maggerd, Lebanon, Missouri

Acupuncture reduces knee pain. “Abba has helped me so much, not only with the acupuncture but the magnets on my ears are amazing. In fact, my knee has not hurt in 2 weeks after she placed them on each ear. If you have ever had pain in your knees you can relate. Some people expect immediate results, but the truth is that sometimes it takes a couple of days or even a couple of treatments to help what we have let go on for way too long. I am so happy I found Abba!Toni Ramona Boillot, Springfield, Missouri

Plantar fasciitis pain. “When my plantar fasciitis foot pain became unbearable and I could not be on my feet more than five minutes at a time, I came to see Abba for acupuncture. I cannot believe how quickly acupuncture resolved the pain in my heels – the pain in one foot was reduced by half after the first treatment, and after six sessions, I am 90% pain free. My doctor had told me that I’d have no relief without surgery!” Jackie Mayo, Springfield, Missouri

Fibromyalgia pain. “Abba kicked my fibromyalgia in the pants! Without her help and healing vibes, I’m certain my quality of life would have continued to worsen. Abba is super accommodating. If you’re uncertain about acupuncture, like I was, I would highly recommend Abba. She really took the extra time and effort to help ease me into it all.” Cara Stenz, Portland, Oregon

Muscle tension, joint pain and anxiety. “I have had acupuncture, ‘dry needling,’ and massage from other therapists, but Abba is by far my favorite. Her sessions are both highly effective and relaxing – I usually sleep through them. I see her for muscle tension and joint soreness, as well as anxiety. She also makes it very easy to fit appointments into your busy schedule. I highly recommend her to anyone!” Maggie Schibler, Springfield, Missouri

Image of bridge over Lake Springfield at Springfield Nature Center.

Rheumatoid arthritis. “I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Abba for the past three years. Acupuncture helps me manage the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. The treatments themselves are very relaxing and complement other types of holistic support, as well as Western medicine. Not to mention, the energy in the clinic and from Abba offers healing and comfort. I always leave feeling better than when I walked in.” Vicky Coday, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture brings stroke recovery, renewed energy, peace and serenity. “I had a stroke over a year ago, and then was exposed twice during performances that had not disclosed their use of strobe lights, which did further damage to my brain and optic nerve. Abba’s acupuncture treatments have aided the progress of both my physical and mental recovery from the harmful effects of the strobe lights. I have renewed energy, faith and trust that I will recover. Her treatments give me a feeling of peace and serenity.” Ellen Himebaugh, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture improves Bells palsy facial paralysis. “I went to Abba for Bells Palsy. From my first treatment, I knew Abba really cared about my well being. I had three treatments the first week and three treatments the second week. I noticed a slight change by the third treatment, and by the sixth treatment, I saw a tremendous improvement. The treatments helped me for a faster recovery.” Janet Herzog, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture reduces wrist pain. “My wrist has hurt for at least six years now. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but never letting up. This past year I’ve had trouble holding a pen to write. Until last Friday morning. I woke up, there was zero pain. None. It was weird, awkward, and felt like I was missing an appendage because I was so used to pain. What happened? Abba did acupuncture on it Thursday! Amazing, I cannot believe that happened, but it did. Abba, you are amazing, thank you. I just biked over 12 miles this morning, and I have full range of motion on my wrist.” Christi Dunham, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture improves depression & anxiety. “Abba helped me tremendously with my depression and anxiety. When I came to see Abba, I was debating whether or not to go back on antidepressants. I’ve been on antidepressants most of my adult life and had weaned myself off them a year or so prior. I really did not want to have to take medication with all of the side effects, but I was in a place where I was spiraling down again. Abba has such a calming presence and immediately made me feel comfortable.  After one treatment, I was much more at peace and felt like this was a path I could pursue. I saw Abba once a week for several weeks and was then able to go less frequently. It truly calmed my neurological system and brought a sense of balance and well-being. I am very grateful to Abba.” Kathy Hopper, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture aids in stroke recovery. “Acupuncture with Abba had a profound impact on my life. I had a neurological event in January 2014 that could have devastated me. I was in pain, confused, and emotionally overwrought. I did a little research and discovered that scalp acupuncture is used in China exclusively for stroke. I made an appointment with Abba the next day. She was very intuitive and compassionate and after the very first treatment the intense head pain was gone never to return. I have worked with Abba regularly for nearly five months and I am always amazed at the positive results. My immense heartfelt gratitude to Abba for helping me and all the others I have referred to her. What a joy and a blessing to have Abba in my life!” Gayle Rice, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture reduces migraine headaches. “Abba has been treating my daughter for about a month for migraines. My daughter is 18 and has suffered since age 12 with almost daily migraines. Within ONE treatment, her headaches improved or even went away completely. For someone who has suffered daily with pain, this has been a huge blessing.” Deb Vaughn, Bolivar, Missouri

Acupuncture improves IBS, stomach pain, gastroparesis. “Abba gave me my life back! I have been able to live my life free from worry that I will have to change plans at the last minute due to pain. I have been to doctors off and on for the past 3 years, spent countless hours having tests done, waiting for doctors, and getting many diagnoses. After accumulating thousands of dollars in medical bills, I still had severe stomach pain. I was diagnosed with IBS and Gastroparesis, but nothing the doctors did or prescribed helped with the pain. Six weeks ago, I went to Abba, willing to try anything to help with the debilitating pain. I was a non-believer in acupuncture and honestly didn’t think it would help, but I was desperate. The pain left my body that very night. Following the appointment, I had a full week without pain for the first time in over three years. I can enjoy my life again. I would recommend Abba and her acupuncture treatment to anybody needing relief from pain. She is a miracle worker.” Meghan McKinney, Springfield, Missouri

Acupuncture for neck and back pain.
Acupuncture treats chronic neck, shoulder & back pain.

Acupuncture reduces back pain. “I love Abba. She exceeds my expectation every time I come in. Great service as well as price. I came in with my friends and she even did an ear treatment for them and they all loved it! I lift a lot in the gym and always have lower back pain from it and I feel great when I leave my appointment. Abba Anderson Acupuncture is the only place I will go to!” Danielle Fisher, Nixa, Missouri

Acupuncture lets people with chronic pain live a fuller life. “Abba’s acupuncture lets me live a much fuller life. I highly recommend her to anyone with chronic pain.” Elizabeth Starr, Albany, California

Acupuncture helps with difficult emotions. “I felt comfortable with Abba from day one. She is nonjudgmental and empathetic, which makes it easy to talk to her about emotional issues.” Jane Letham, Berkeley, California

Acupuncture helps with grief and stress. “I could not have gotten through my husband’s funeral without Abba’s acupuncture. Acupuncture calmed me in ways I never knew possible.” Helen Pitt, Petaluma, California

Acupuncture is safe and fun. “I always feel safe with Abba around confidential information and deep feelings. I trust her to listen carefully and be present without judgment. And sessions with Abba are fun! Her energy is always positive and open.” Tivela Seeche, Oakland, California

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