Acupuncture for Sciatica & Back Pain

People experiencing sciatica pain typically respond very well to acupuncture. In my experience, it’s common for sciatica pain to decrease by 50% or more in the first treatment, and it usually only takes a few treatments to get people where they want to be pain-wise (or no-pain wise!).

Impingement of the sciatic nerve causes low back and leg pain.What is sciatica? Sciatica pain follows the path of the sciatic nerve, starting in the buttock, and traveling down the side and back of the leg to the feet. Most cases of sciatica will resolve without intervention over time, but acupuncture can provide immediate relief. Many clients with sciatica pain have told me they wished they had tried acupuncture sooner because it gave them relief they hadn’t found elsewhere.

How soon after beginning acupuncture treatment will I start seeing a decrease in my sciatica pain? In my experience, most people with sciatica pain experience significant pain relief during the first visit.

How will I know I’m getting better? When you come in for treatment, I will ask you to rate yourself 1-10 on your level of pain (10 being the worst pain you’ve experienced), and I’ll keep track of the numbers to track your progress. I know it can be hard to put a number on such a subjective thing, so I always tell people the first number that pops into your head is likely the right answer. It’s all relative to you, especially if you have a high tolerance for pain, as many of my clients do.

How many treatments will I need? For sciatica pain, I recommend clients plan to come in for 6 once-a-week treatments. It may also be best to come in twice a week for the first couple of weeks to speed your progress. You will probably feel significant relief of pain from the 1st or 2nd treatment, and feel complete before 6 treatments.

Is acupuncture safe if I’m on pain medication? Definitely! There are no containdications for acupuncture with medications – in fact, people often use acupuncture to help them decrease or stop taking medications.


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